Travel planner

With the trip planner you can easily plan a trip from 'A to B'. Throughout the Netherlands, with all carriers and modes of transport.

Use the below search engine to plan your trip.

  1. Search by place, street name or by type of location, such as hospital, station or tourist attraction.
  2. Choose a date and time.
  3. Select whether the chosen time is the time of arrival or of departure.
  4. Click on 'Plan' to go to the results page.
On the results page with your travel advice you will see:
  • The different options with departure time, arrival time, number of transfers, the travel time and the standard price.
  • With 'sooner/later' you can look up earlier or later travel options.
  • Via 'show bus stops' you can see all the bus stops on this route.
  • Click on a bus stop name to see all bus stop information: transfer possibilities, other forms of transport and accessibility.
  • You can also print out the travel advice or send it to someone via email.