Wear a mouth mask and avoid travelling during rush hour.

Individual tickets

Travelling with the bus is also possible without an OV-chipkaart. Individual tickets are available in various forms: a paper ticket, an E-ticket and an M-ticket. On the page of a ticket you can see in which tickets are available.

Individual tickets

Day ticket Gelderland - Overijssel - Flevoland

Easy and affordable bus travel all day long

Flevoland, Gelderland and Overijssel
Valid one day
Unlimited travel in the buses of Connexxion, Breng, Arriva and Syntus. Except for local buses, line 58 and Almere and Lelystad.
€ 12.00

Kids Group Ticket

A bus ticket for after-school care and primary schools

Heel Nederland
An entire day, on working days after 09.00 hrs
Unlimited travel for max. 3 adults en max. 15 kids on all regular Connexxion, Breng en OV Regio IJsselmond buses
€ 23.00

Breng Train: Day Ticket Bike

Take your bike with you on the Breng train

Arnhem-Nijmegen region
Valid for a day during off-peak hours
Valid for the Breng train
€ 6.90

Kids Ticket Breng Local Bus

Children will be able to travel with you on the local bus for less.

Arnhem-Nijmegen region
One-way trip
Valid on all local buses (buurtbussen)
€ 1.05
More info For sale from the bus driver

Kids Ticket Flevoland, Gelderland and Overijssel

Children will travel with you on the bus for less.

Flevoland, Gelderland and Overijssel
One-way trip
Valid on all buses of Connexxion, Breng, Arriva, Twents, Syntus and OV Regio IJsselmond. Excluding local buses
€ 1.15
More info For sale from the bus driver

Parking Card P+R Waalsprinter

Affordable parking and travel to the centre of Nijmegen

Between P+R Waalsprinter and Nijmegen centre
Parking ticket and return ticket by bus
Parking and travel to and from Nijmegen centre with bus lines 125 or 300
€ 3.50
More info For sale at the car park

Ritkaartje Breng ticket

Arnhem-Nijmegen region
One-way trip
Valid on all Breng buses
€ 2.40
More info *from price. For sale from the bus driver.

Explanation about different types of tickets


Order an e-ticket online. You can print it or show it on your mobile when travelling by bus.


Buy an online ticket to travel by bus via an app on your mobile phone.

Paper ticket

Buy a ticket from the bus driver with a debit or credit card. You can also buy a ticket at various points of sale.