Disruptions and diversions

We want to help you make your journey run as smooth as possible. Be prepared and check before departing if there are any diversions and/or disruptions.


Delays are inconvenient but unfortunately also inevitable. We find it especially important that you find out about possible delays as soon as possible.

In the online travel planner

In the timetable search engine you will also find current travel times. If the bus is delayed, the number of minutes of delay is given below the departure time (for example: + 2 min).

Travel information app

Handy when you're travelling. Download the travel information app and you can quickly and easily find all the necessary travel information while travelling.

Information display boards

At some bus stops there are information display boards. These indicate if the bus is delayed. The number of minutes of delay is given below the departure time.

At the bus stop

At every bus stop you will find a QR code. If you scan it, you will immediately link to the bus stop webpage with the current departure times. You can save the url of the page as a favourite. This will allow you, at another time, to quickly see whether there is a delay at the respective bus stop.

Managing transfer in the event of a delay

Have you just found out that the bus you are on is delayed and you might miss your connecting bus? With the Stappover app you can now quickly and easily request a transfer. If possible, the connecting bus will waiting for you!