Parking Card P+R Nijmegen Noord

Affordable parking and travel to the centre of Nijmegen

You get:

Between P+R Nijmegen Noord and Nijmegen centre
Parking ticket and return ticket by bus
Parking and travel to and from Nijmegen centre with bus lines 300.

€ 3.50

For sale at the car park
The parking ticket of P+R Nijmegen Noord also serves as a bus ticket for free transport to and from Nijmegen.

In Dutch: Parkeerkaartje P+R Nijmegen Noord

Valid where?

This ticket is valid for:
  • Parking at car park P+R Nijmegen Noord
  • Line 300 between P+R Nijmegen Noord and Heijendaal

Valid when?

This ticket is valid on the day of purchase.


This parking ticket costs € 3.50 and is valid for parking one car and a maximum of 4 people to travel by bus.

You can also buy a parking subscription for € 11.00 a week or € 42.00 a month.


  • At the P+R Nijmegen Noord ticket machine


Park+Ride towards Nijmegen

Travel comfortably and quickly past the traffic jams in the Nijmegen city region.