Checking in and out

If you travel with your OV-chipkaart or a "cardboard OV-chipkaart", you will have to check in and out. Including those travelling with a free travel subscription. 
At the start of your journey, hold the OV-chipkaart against the screen of the card reader in the bus. which can be recognised by the logo of the OV-chipkaart.

Changing buses with a paper card

Did you buy a paper ticket? And do you want to change buses? Then show the ticket to the bus driver when you change over. (Please note: whether you can change buses with a paper ticket depends on the terms and conditions of the ticket you bought).

Soon you can also check in and out with the barcode on the ticket.

Forgot to check out?

If you did not check out, for example due to a technical problem or because you forgot to do so, you can request a refund. This can be done in three simple steps via

Want to know if you missed a checkout? You can sign up for a Missed Alert Checkout. You can register for this email alert at
Please note: You can only do this a maximum of three trips per carrier, every half year (period January to June and July to December).