Travel information app manual

Read how the travel apps of Connexxion, Breng, Hermes, Overal and Texelhopper work.
Download the 'Reisinformatie' app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for 'Connexxion', 'Breng', 'Hermes', 'Overal' or 'Texelhopper'.

What you can do with this app

  • Quickly search for the nearest bus stop
  • See on the map where your bus is currently running
  • Find out how long it takes for the bus to get to your bus stop.
  • Find out what the current departure times are of the bus stops nearest to you, including delays and disruptions
  • Consult the travel planner
  • Receive push-message of current delays or disruptions at favourite bus stops and bus lines (you can indicate times and days of push-messages)
  • Contact customer service
  • Request a transfer if your bus is delayed. If possible, the connecting bus will wait for you!

The set-up of this app

  1. Departure times: look up a bus line or bus stop. If you saved it as favourite then you can find it under 'departure times'.
  2. Planner: here you can plan a trip from A to B.
  3. Diversions: an overview of all planned but also current diversions and disruptions.
  4. Customer service: more information about the app and a feedback form.