Breng Train: Day Ticket Bike

Take your bike with you on the Breng train

You get:

Arnhem-Nijmegen region
Valid for a day during off-peak hours
Valid for the Breng train

€ 7.50

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In Dutch: Breng Trein: Dagkaart Fiets

Valid where?

The Day Ticket Bike is valid on all NS domestic and regional trains (not international trains).

Valid where?

This ticket is valid during off-peak hours for one entire day. On working days, rush hours are from 06.30 to 09.00 hrs and from 16.00 to 18.30 hrs (this restriction does not apply at weekends, on public holidays and in the months of July and August). In case of lack of space in the cycling area, we may ask you to take the next train.


This ticket costs € 6.90.

Terms and conditions

  • You are responsible for you bicycle. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your bike (unless there is negligence on our part).
  • Any luggage (such as bicycle bags) must be taken off the bike.
  • For safety reasons, bicycles and other means of transport with an internal combustion engine may not be taken on board the train. Neither may bicycle trailers.
  • You are not allowed to cycle at stations or on platforms.
  • Folding bikes can be transported free of charge as hand luggage. The bike must be compactly folded. Both when boarding and disembarking and during the journey. The folding bike must not be an obstacle for people getting on and off of the train. It is not permitted to place folding bicycles in a luggage rack. If, in the opinion of the train staff, the folding bike causes inconvenience or danger, you may be obliged to leave the train with the bicycle.


  • In the ticket vending machines at the stations. You can buy a paper ticket or load the ticket onto your OV-chipkaart.
  • In the NS e-ticket shop


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Checking in and out on Breng train

Don't forget to always check in and out! Also for travellers with subscriptions.

Breng train

A train route between Arnhem and Doetinchem.

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