Local bus (buurtbus)

The local bus — in Dutch: buurtbus — is a smaller bus for 8 people that runs a fixed route according to a fixed timetable. The drivers are volunteers. You can buy a ticket from the driver with a debit or credit card. You can also travel with an OV-chipkaart. Subscriptions and the OV-studentenkaart are also valid in the local bus.

Just like the regular bus, the local buses run past a number of bus stops according to a fixed timetable.

Two important differences are:

  • It is a smaller bus with room for up to 8 people.​
  • Wheelchair users cannot travel on local buses. The drivers of the local buses are volunteers and not trained to transport wheelchair users. Wheelchair users can travel with the regular bus lines or the WMO transport via the municipality.

Overview local bus (buurtbus) lines 

  • Line 524: Dieren - Spankeren   
  • Line 525: Dieren - Dieren West 
  • Line 526: Dieren - Dieren Noord
  • Line 555: Zevenaar - Pannerden - Aerdt
  • Line 556: Elst - Driel - Heteren   
  • Line 560: Zevenaar - Pannerden - Aerdt - Herwen         
  • Line 561: Wijchen - Alverna - Nederasselt - Overasselt - Heumen - Malden        
  • Line 562: Beek - Berg en Dal - Groesbeek - Malden       
  • Line 563: Wijchen - Leur - Hernen - Bergharen - Batenburg        
  • Line 564: Groesbeek - Molenhoek         
  • Line 565: Beuningen - Wijchen  
  • Line 566: Zevenaar - Babberich - Elten - Lobith - Tolkamer - Spijk          
  • Line 589: Doorwerth → Heveadorp → Oosterbeek → Wolfheze → Renkum → Heelsum → Doorwerth       
  • Line 590: Doorwerth → Heelsum → Renkum → Wolfheze → Oosterbeek → Heveadorp → Doorwerth


Enter the number of the local bus line in the search engine below and find the timetable with departure times per bus stop:


There are other rates for the local buses. You can travel with the ritkaartje ticket. Children can travel with the Breng buurtbus for just € 1,00 with the kids ticket. This ritkaartje ticket is valid for a one-way trip without a transfer and can be bought from the driver of the local bus.

Kids Ticket Breng Local Bus

Children will be able to travel with you on the local bus for less.

Arnhem-Nijmegen region
One-way trip
Valid on all local buses (buurtbussen)
From € 1.15
More info For sale from the bus driver